Little one

once, there was a little one who didn’t know the rules of all the saying and the not saying. the rules were not terrible, but some say one must be a little bigger to know them. if you’re not a little bigger–you’ve got to stretch to grow– and there’s not enough room inside of you, your heart and your head won’t have enough room to process the all. an easy solution is to let it all spill out your mouth. if you’ve found the latch, the mouth is a quick escape for feelings and thinkings, especially when you’re not a little bigger and there’s not enough room inside of you and you need it outside of you, you need your ears to hear it, your eyes to see it too. letting feelings and thinkings spill out of your mouth is messy, especially in the case of this little one not being a little bigger yet–
still, the little one was okay. some other ones weren’t scared of messes for different bigger and littler reasons. they’ve learned sit in huddles when it’s cold out and frequently go on very long walks. they hold hands and move slowly, and sometimes they grow, and sometimes they shrink.



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